Cariad Too Too; and a gift.

I have been on a finishing streak. THE CARIAD BLANKET PROJECT really spurred me to use some more of my stash, and if you follow along on Instagram you may already have glimpsed some of them.

These have subsequently been delivered and even featured on INSTAGRAM

Since then, though, I’ve actually finished two more, one quite a bit larger than the others.


Graphite is such a useful colour for bringing together a rather random collection of colours. These are not yet delivered, so there may be more to be added, but I am now focusing my attention on something more pressing.

This has been loitering in the ‘to do’ basket for a little while. It’s going to be quite large, and, to be honest, the thought of working on it during the summer months has just been too much. It’s the ideal project now, though, as the cooler days have definitely arrived. I’m calling it the Boddington Blanket.

Just as I was finishing one of the blankets an envelope dropped through the letterbox. It’s contents were a mystery, but a joy to receive! It was from a special person, and you can see it in the photograph below.

You can buy it here

It was a cover for my phone! It’s actually based on one of my blankets, and has already received a number of surprised ‘Wows’ from friends who have seen it. I’m really impressed with its likeness to the actual blanket, and it’s AVAILABLE ON ETSY FOR ANY TYPE OF PHONE

Meanwhile I also finished the squares for the September strip of the Temperature Blanket.

I’ve already added the last square which represents the 22deg C – the colour most used during the month. Later today I’ll start October with the high and low temperatures for the first three days.

While the Boddington Blanket will be the main focus of the month I have an idea for something else too – so watch this space for an update before too long.

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