Cariad Too

I think it’s fair to say that I don’t often work in only pastel colours.


My latest blanket, though, has been an exception.


I tried out a ‘new to me’ yarn which I really like.


Although an ‘old’ proprietary name Emu has only recently been reintroduced to the market and is currently only sold by The Knitting Network


The acrylic yarn compares very well with most others on the market and considerably better than a couple I have used.

Baby Blue

I used the six colours illustrated with the addition of cream. The design of the blanket is simple and I began it while on my recent holiday.

It will be donated to The Cariad Blanket Project along with another that is also nearing completion.

Let me know if you try the yarn. It is currently £1.50 for a ball of DK yarn. 100 gms is approximately 282 metres (308 yds) The recommended hook size is 4mm (US6) but I chose to work with a 4.5mm which I use for most of my blankets.

This design used approximately 40gms of each colour for the squares, but I needed to break into the third ball of cream to finish the border. The edging had two rounds of cream, if one of these was replaced by another of the colours only two balls would be required.

2 thoughts on “Cariad Too

  1. Linda

    It’s a lovely blanket. That is such a great charity.
    Thanks for the heads up re the yarn – it’s always good to have recommendations for good acrylic yarn.
    Have the best day xox

    Liked by 1 person

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