2020 retrospective – July

July! Hot, dry and masked up! Definitely the order of the day. This one is made with my own hand dyed fabric. Still waiting for a haircut at this stage. (Currently my hair is twice as long and disgraceful!)

Even the outside tomatoes were ripening quickly.

And the apples were forming on the tree. It’s an old tree – a remnant from the orchard that was here before our 110+ year old house. Delicious apples but the tree is living on borrowed time.

Poppies come and go – taking root where their seeds have scattered.

It was hot! We had to choose our walking times – definitely in the cool of the day.

Walking is always an adventure! You never know what you will find.

Progress was made on a blanket for a special little girl

And also on another secret.

The Evening Primroses added a cheerful splash of yellow.


Yes. The border opened and so did the car door! We left for a trip to Wales to see our daughter!

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