2020 retrospective – June

Foxgloves signal the start of June. Pillars of Pink and Buzzing with Bees. It always amazes me how even large bees can disappear completely into one of these bells.

Pink is the garden theme this month, not by design, it just somehow worked out that way! The Peonies are magnificent but short-lived.

Roses last longer. This is a favourite.

And this one reminds me of my father who was a Rose fanatic – this was his favourite.

Another plant that has happy family memories is the perennial sweetpea. The original grew in an Aunt’s garden in South Wales and came to us via my parents. It’s been ‘split’ several times and can be viewed in various gardens when we visit.

Tomatoes began to fruit. Once they start they go on for months!

The season of masks began in earnest. At last we were ‘let out’ and slowly places began to reopen.

It was so good to be able to meet up with family.

And local haunts looked even more inviting than before.

Travel of any real distance was still out of the question though. This meant that the internet was still the only way to view family in other parts of the U.K. – their pets too

Some were not averse to dressing up to make us smile.


Blankets were finished and new ones started

Nasturtium Blanket

And some just waited for a border.

Spirit of Spring Blanket

2 thoughts on “2020 retrospective – June

  1. Linda

    I love all the colour in your garden – ours has some colour although our gardenias have totally died after Alan tried to move them into pots 😦
    We have lots more shrubs and when the trees flower, they aren’t as easy to see as they tend to be a lot higher.
    So much has happened in and around the world since June 2020 hasn’t there ?
    Take care and stay safe xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hubby planted the garden so that there is a touch of colour every month of the year. It’s a blessing to see old friends reappear. Soon be thinking about refilling the pots – but not while there is still frost so probably end of May. Thanks for commenting. Much appreciated.


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