Thirty x 3

This is another post in my YARN REVIEW series. Not all of these posts will involve 30 squares, but once again this is the size I made. The previous yarns have been 100% acrylic, but this one is slightly different.

Hayfield Journey DK

A mix of fibres – this is 80% Acrylic and 20% Wool


The name does not appear on the ball band but I have found them on the internet. Each ball has a subtle mix of colours – each in a very short length.

The colours are better in this picture than the one above.

The balls are 100g and approximately 355 m (388 yds) in length.


I suggest that you use the size of hook/needles (4mm) as suggested on the label.

Treasure Trove

Two balls of each of the above colours were purchased from DERAMORES but actually only needed the second ball of 2 for the border and edging.


I think this yarn would be excellent for a garment as there is just enough colour change to make the surface interesting.

Photographing was not easy – high winds and rain hampered my attempts somewhat, so for the time being this is the best I can do.

Let me know if you try this yarn. I have enough left for another project, not sure how I’ll use it, but it will appear again without doubt.

2 thoughts on “Thirty x 3

  1. Linda

    Thanks for the review – it’s always good to hear what other people think / find when they use a new yarn and it makes me either more keen or less keen to try it depending on their review.
    Have a great week !
    Me xox

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