Memories are made of this …

I have to admit that I loved teaching! It’s the one thing I really miss.

Last week I came across a half finished corner to corner blanket. One look at it and I knew it would never be finished, so what to do?

Odd colour choices; lots of loose ends….

Some areas were reasonably finished off, but I knew that I would never complete it in its present form. Should I give it to a charity shop for someone to reclaim the yarn? Put it in the bin? It held too many unlikely memories.

It was a sample that had travelled around the country with me. Beginners at various workshops had used it as a tryout for the c2c stitch and more. How to join yarn, how to start the next row, how to weave in loose ends ( or not), how to change colour … Much better to learn on a piece like that than spoil a first attempt and doom it forever to the bottom of the WIP stack. It only took a few clusters for confidence to be high enough and work start in earnest on an individual’s own project.

So, too precious to throw – but perfect for taking to bits and incorporating into my Mingle-Mangle blanket!

I’ve spent a few minutes here and there pulling out and untangling lengths to make a new mass of mini balls.

Parts of these have been converted into mini Mingle-Mangle balls – each one approximately 16g which is the perfect size for an 8 round Granny Square.

So the memories will still be with me, but eventually on display. This is definitely one blanket that won’t be travelling far from my side.

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