Four down! #crochet6in366

It’s difficult to believe that today is the last day of September! What a year 2020 has been! In retrospect there has been little normality around the world. Here, however, crochet has been a constant. Each day it has provided me with a small space of calm and something to do with my hands. There were some days when it was so hot I could manage no more than the daily square, but, now that the temperatures are dropping and Reynauds is once again painfully apparent, it’s good to continue the process to get the circulation going in my fingers.

So. Let’s press on. Four strips will be finished after today’s square is completed. You may not need a reminder of the colours but here they are anyway.

  • September 30: Storm Blue/ Raspberry/ Sage/ Stone/ Mushroom END OF STRIP 4
  • October 1: Lobelia/ Pale Rose/ Bluebell/ Violet/ Mushroom START OF STRIP 5
  • October 2: Sage/ Stone/ Raspberry/ Storm Blue/ Mushroom
  • October 3: Cloud Blue/ Silver/ Pale Rose/ Storm Blue/ Mushroom
  • October 4: Pale Rose/ Cloud Blue/ Storm Blue/ Silver/ Mushroom
  • October 5: Raspberry/ Stone/ Sage/ Storm Blue/ Mushroom
  • October 6: Storm Blue/ Cloud Blue/ Silver/ Pale Rose/ Mushroom.

Strip 5 will take us over the halfway point. The next schedule will be posted next Wednesday.

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