Strip 4 continues #crochet6in366

It’s very easy to lose count of the weeks in a project like this. My head tells me this is week 5 of this blanket, but, frankly, we could now be mid 2026 it’s been such a strange year! I’m pretty certain we are still in 2020, though, so I’ll press on with the schedule for BLANKET FIVE!

The picture above shows the state of play at the end of yesterday. Now to continue:

  • September 23: Cloud Blue/ Pale Rose/ Storm Blue/ Silver/ Mushroom.
  • September 24: Lobelia/ Pale Rose/ Violet/ Bluebell/ Mushroom.
  • September 25: Stone/ Raspberry/ Storm Blue/ Sage/ Mushroom.
  • September 26: 5 rounds of Mushroom. Single colour square.
  • September 27: Bluebell/ Violet/ Pale Rose/ Lobelia/ Mushroom.
  • September 28: Storm Blue/ Stone/ Raspberry/ Sage/ Mushroom.
  • September 29: Bluebell/ Lobelia/ Violet/ Pale Rose/ Mushroom

So next week we move on to another month and complete another strip of squares. Today’s square is below. I’m finding the colours of this blanket very restful. I hope you are enjoying them too.

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