Another finish! Dolly Mixtures is done!

This blanket has been such fun! It has brightened the few grey days we have had this week, but more than that, it has provoked all manner of happy comments from those that have seen it. Well! Now it’s done!!

Dolly Mixtures Blanket

The colours I used are as above. All are Stylecraft Special DK. One ball of each additional colour was enough, including the borders as described below, but FIESTA (the main colour) REQUIRED 4 BALLS! This will give you an idea if you wish to make something similar.

I made a total of 20 squares of 12 rounds as follows;

Ten squares with colours in sequence;

Five squares with 2 rounds of sequential colours, 5 rounds of Fiesta and 5 rounds of more sequential colours;

And Five squares with 2 sequential colour rounds and 10 rounds of Fiesta.

They were joined with Fiesta, then bordered as below.

Firstly 2 rounds of Fiesta, next 5 rounds of chosen colours followed by a further two rounds of Fiesta.

The final round is 3 chain; 2 (UK) trebles into each space.

This blanket is for a four year old. It could easily be enlarged by making more squares, but more yarn will be needed.

It took approximately 7 weeks and was made at the same time as Blues in Twos and Nasturtium Blanket.

If you make a Dolly Mixture Blanket or use it as inspiration, please let me know.

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