A new beginning #crochet6in366

Yes! I did go on about Granny Squares, didn’t I?! Well, just to prove that I can do something else I thought we’d have a change.

You may not remember the blanket I made with these squares.

I finished it in a rush as a friend was going into hospital and sadly never took a photo. This was a number of years ago now, and I have returned to the pattern from time to time, but not for a while. I have no idea of the pattern name, as far as I’m concerned I have never seen a pattern but ‘developed’ it while playing around with free form crochet. The last time I wrote about it was here over eighteen months ago. That link also has the instructions for the square if you too would like to use it, however, a traditional granny will also work.

So, let’s talk about the new blanket that starts today. It will be 9 x 8 squares – 72 in all. Below is the colour recipe for the first week. If you join them into a strip as you work your daily square the blanket will begin to form before your eyes. Each square is 5 rounds, with Mushroom as the final round and for joining. Work each square in the colour order given – the first colour represents the centre of the block.

Week 1

  • August 26: Violet, Pale Rose, Bluebell, Lobelia, Mushroom.
  • August 27: Raspberry, Storm Blue, Stone, Sage, Mushroom.
  • August 28: 5 Rounds in Mushroom. Single colour square.
  • August 29: Sage, Stone, Storm Blue, Raspberry, Mushroom.
  • August 30: Bluebell, Violet, Lobelia, Pale Rose, Mushroom.
  • August 31: Sage, Pale Rose, Cloud Blue, Silver, Mushroom.
  • September 1: Lobelia, Bluebell, Pale Rose, Violet, Mushroom

Don’t forget to weave in the ends as you go and join the squares into strips as we move along. Daily does it!

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