Decisions about Dolly

It’s been an unsettling week in this household. My very special and dear Uncle has been in hospital undergoing surgery. Unexpectedly this resulted in two surgeries within 24 hours. He is now doing well, but of course can’t have visitors – and other communication is very limited. At 96 both were something he’d rather not have had to endure, but both were necessary.

On the same day we heard my uncle had gone to hospital we also heard of the death of a very dear friend. Doreen was in her mid sixties, and had been very healthy, not having seen a doctor for many years. She will be very sadly missed.

So, I’ve been consoling myself with crochet. The first set of squares for Dolly Mixtures are almost complete, but then I have a decision to make.

I need to see the completed squares laid out together before I decide on the next step. There are a few more colours to be entered into the equation, and I can ‘see’ them in a couple of different guises. So.. the story continues. I think my next post on this subject will be after the ‘problem’ has been resolved.

That morning, shortly after hearing the news, I had gone to the local shop to buy specifics. However, when I got home I discovered that instead of croissants I had bought ..

And instead of Tomato Juice I’d picked up..

How did that happen? Simply not concentrating! I did, however, also pick up the baking potatoes and spinach!

  • Back in my happy place.
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