Decisions about Dolly

It’s been an unsettling week in this household. My very special and dear Uncle has been in hospital undergoing surgery. Unexpectedly this resulted in two surgeries within 24 hours. He is now doing well, but of course can’t have visitors – and other communication is very limited. At 96 both were something he’d rather not have had to endure, but both were necessary.

On the same day we heard my uncle had gone to hospital we also heard of the death of a very dear friend. Doreen was in her mid sixties, and had been very healthy, not having seen a doctor for many years. She will be very sadly missed.

So, I’ve been consoling myself with crochet. The first set of squares for Dolly Mixtures are almost complete, but then I have a decision to make.

I need to see the completed squares laid out together before I decide on the next step. There are a few more colours to be entered into the equation, and I can ‘see’ them in a couple of different guises. So.. the story continues. I think my next post on this subject will be after the ‘problem’ has been resolved.

That morning, shortly after hearing the news, I had gone to the local shop to buy specifics. However, when I got home I discovered that instead of croissants I had bought ..

And instead of Tomato Juice I’d picked up..

How did that happen? Simply not concentrating! I did, however, also pick up the baking potatoes and spinach!

  • I think I need winding up.
    Well quite a few of you found the free PDFs for Granny Square combinations. If you are still looking for them here are the links below – but read on because there is more! 120 squares for five colours is here and 720 squares for six colours can be found here
  • Temperature and a bit of Yum!
    The blues are becoming more prominent in the temperature blanket. This square brings us up to date as far as yesterday. There’s still a touch of green but … Read on if you are looking for the granny square charts
  • How many!?!??
    If the answer is 720 – what is the question? Many of you already know that five colours produce 120 differently ordered squares have downloaded the pdf (FIND IT HERE). But… did you know …
  • October in colour!
    Three days per square – the morning then the afternoon. Blue is cooler than green.
  • A Friday Finish!
    It’s done! (Ignore the writing – the colours have nothing to do with the blanket.) I wanted a colourful border All colours Stylecraft Special DK Khaki, Spice, Gold, Graphite, Bottle, Raspberry, Apple, Vintage Peach, Claret, Copper, Proper Purple, Plum, Violet, Teal, Turquoise, Aster, Mustard, Grape, Cornish Blue. Joining colour is Mushroom which was also used …

    Continue reading A Friday Finish!

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