Is it really November?

The past few weeks have been unsettled here. I have had little time to myself, so the internet has had to take a very back seat. Granny squares have been a godsend. Not only are they portable (think hospital bedside) but they require no noisy equipment (think sewing machine). They can be made at any hour of the day or night (think 2am), and the materials required can fit into a pocket!

Anyway. As promised I’ve posted the details of the 100 rainbow squares CAL Instagram didn’t happen for me but it probably will soon. I just couldn’t keep up and I know you will understand that. If you are following along you should be just about here by now.

I finished the yellow square this morning as we have visitors arriving shortly.

October was quite prolific Granny-wise, but I’ll write more about these projects another day. Now I have food to prepare

Have a great weekend everyone.

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