100 Rainbow Squares CAL

Colours used:

Stylecraft Special DK in

Lipstick, Spice, Sunshine, Meadow, Lobelia, Plum, Midnight.

I used a 4.50 hook for my basic Granny Squares, and turned after each row.

The objective is to make a square a day and join them in strips of 10 in the Random sequence shown below. Each square is bordered with Midnight before joining.

Week 1 10.9.18

Lipstick, Spice, Sunshine, Meadow, Lobelia, Plum, Lipstick.

Week 2 17.9.18

Remember you are joining in strips of 10 squares. Continue the sequence as follows.

Spice, Sunshine, Meadow

This completes the first strip. I mark the top of each strip with a tag so that it’s easy to see at which end the next square joins.

Strip 2 begins:

Lobelia, Plum, Lipstick, Spice.

Your strips should look something like the above. Can you see my ‘deliberate‘ mistake?

You will note that in the right hand strip the Plum and Lobelia are in the incorrect sequence. It’s easy to do when not concentrating. Mark the first square BEFORE you add the second in a strip.

Week 3 24.9.18

The colour sequence changes slightly this week, don’t be caught out!

Sunshine, Meadow, Lobelia, Plum, Lipstick, Spice,

That completes the second strip, the next block is the first of strip 3.


Don’t forget to weave in the ends. The more you do now the less there will be at the end.

Week 4 1.10.18

Now to add some more colour to the third strip.

Sunshine, Spice, Lipstick, Plum, Lobelia, Meadow, Sunshine,

This strip is not quite finished, it should look something like this so far.

Week 5 8.10.18.

This sequence of colour is Spice, Lipstick, Plum, Lobelia, Meadow, Sunshine, Spice.

Let’s finish strip 3 and begin number 4.

Week 6 15.10.18

Seven more squares this week:

Lipstick, Plum, Lobelia, Meadow, Sunshine, Spice, Lipstick.

Week 7 22.10.18

We are heading for half way.

Plum, Lobelia, Sunshine, Meadow, Spice, Lipstick, Plum.

Week 8 29.10.18

Nearly November now. Here are the next seven squares in sequence.

Lobelia, Lipstick, Lobelia, Meadow, Plum, Lipstick, Sunshine.

Week 9 5.11.18

Your colours this week:

Lobelia, Meadow, Spice, Plum, Sunshine, Meadow, Lobelia.


Week 10 12.11.18