And we are off!

Today is the first day of the#100rainbowsquares CrochetAlong.

Those of you that followed me on Facebook will know that I love leading projects like this and most previous challenges have been art or fabric based. It isn’t a conventional CrochetAlong as there is scope for your own interpretation too, but it is guided. It’s an opportunity to trust yourself, and, I suppose, trust me too!

If you read my previous two posts you will know that this won’t be irksome. It’s just one square a day, or seven a week if you prefer to think of it like that. Above you can see the colours I have chosen. You will need seven, choose them, then decide which one is to be used for the border and joining. DON’T FRET OVER THIS. It really doesn’t matter which one you choose – ANY of your seven will work. I have chosen the dark blue colour (Midnight) as my joining colour, which will leave the other six colours for the blocks.

You will need:

Seven colours of yarn as previously mentioned, crochet hook, scissors and a needle for weaving in the ends. You may also need a means of marking the start of each row, a length of contrasting yarn would do, or, my favourite, a small tag on which I can make a pencil note.

Square size:

This is your choice. I suggest a 3 or 4 round square with another round of your joining colour. Obviously a larger square will make a larger blanket.

Square pattern

Choose a pattern you know well. A straightforward Granny is fine. That’s what I will be using. There is also the chance to personalise within the square, here are some basic ideas.

You may choose a single colour square, top left and ottom right, or mix and match single colours to use up scraps, top right and bottom left. The square with the border is my square for today.

So, with a slight change to the original announcement (you were warned it might change) here is the schedule for this week

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Purple
  7. Red

You will find the schedule here

Don’t forget to post your pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #100rainbowsquarescal

Today’s square

Any questions? Ask below or on Instagram. Have fun!

Here’s an THE KNITTING NETWORK or DERAMORES will satisfy any yearnings for yarn!

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