Yarn Bomb: Byron Bay

What fun!

That Girl Who Crochets


We spent the day at Byron Bay last weekend. Byron Bay has a reputation for relaxed people, backpackers, and being eccentric. Home to the coolest markets ever, this place feels like a world away from the Gold Coast. The main part of town is only a couple of streets, but is always packed! I noticed someone had yarn bombed one of the round-a-bouts! It was so bright and colourful and grabbed the attention of heaps of people! If you are ever close by it’s worth a stop, even for some fish and chips on the beach!

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Dreaming crochet 

Yes, I really did. And I can’t wait to try out what I dreamt!  However, I can’t try it until I finish the sunflower blanket. What does that mean?


Well, if nothing else it means that you can’t see anything above  After all, at the moment it is just all a figment of MY imagination 😉



A Chapter of Accidents

Working under pressure is not a good thing – especially when the deadline has been set by yourself!

This blanket is a belated birthday present. It’s for a special person but was started late due to family circumstances. She has no idea that it’s coming – but I would like to finish it within six months of her birthday. I started to make it on 16th August. Progress has been slow, and it was with great rejoicing that I began to decrease and the rows became shorter ……

….. only to discover that I had made an error!

I had to unwind several rows and the increasing started again. Finally all is redone and I’m now on the ninth row after the corner.


I’ve tucked the crochet hook under the current row to show where I am. I probably won’t get much done today – my crafting time is very little at the moment.

Setting the scene

The preliminaries of the blog are done. Now I’m up to date, so this will be a commentary on my progress with maybe a few other bits thrown in as well.

My current project is a corner to corner blanket. I’ll give more details as I progress, but a quick resume will be added to the next post with very up to date photographs.

I have a deadline for this blanket – it’s approaching very quickly!