Five Colour Friday

My birthday month of August is almost here. A year ago we were travelling to Wales, hopeful that ‘freedom’ was right round the corner. In theory it arrived earlier this month, but it doesn’t feel as ‘free’ as it did 12 months ago. Do you feel the same?

So, we arrive at another Five Colour Friday. I’ve done something slightly different this time so don’t presume you just have to look at the colours and decide they aren’t for you! This also includes a yarn review of sorts.

The five colours I’ve chosen for this month include a favourite. Turquoise. It has the ability to pull odd multiple colours together in a very satisfying way. It even makes good borders, but, as with all colours, only use it in a border if it is also included in the main body – even in the smallest amount.

In fact, you will notice it’s predominance here, even though it isn’t the actual joining colour.

However, the turquoise isn’t really the colour that I want to bring to your attention, but the one in the centre.

This is one of the newly introduced shades in the Stylecraft Special DK range. It’s difficult to describe the colour – almost a dirty white that isn’t! That’s the best I can do today.

I felt that the above square didn’t really do it justice so I went on and played a little more.

Once the proportions were changed it took on a new life of its own.

It certainly changed my perception of the colour.

The colours used are:

Download the list of 120 combinations for five colours HERE

Previous FIVE COLOUR FRIDAYS can be found HERE

A lot is happening during August, so you may not hear much from me, but I’ll definitely be back with another Five Colour Friday.


3 thoughts on “Five Colour Friday

  1. Linda

    Yes, I certainly didn’t think that 18 months later we would still be living the covid nightmare – but here we are. We are back in a 3 day lockdown while contact tracers try to find the source of our latest outbreak. I fear with the numbers growing each day (9 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday) we are going to be in lockdown longer than 3 days – but it’s OK because others have done it way harder than we have. I just wish people would remember that the grocery stores are NOT SHUTTING so you don’t have to be buying 2 or 3 trolley loads of groceries for a 3 day lockdown. In all honesty, I am sure that most of us could live for a lot longer than 3 days with the food we have in our pantry, fridge and freezer !!!
    Take care and stay safe !

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