It’s too hot to crochet!

We love a blue sky, don’t we? One of the things I’ve noticed since lockdown began all those months ago, and travel decreased dramatically, is that the sky has become cloudless more often. Normally, by the time this picture was taken, there would be vapour trails all over – even high in the sky, and these soon collect together into low clouds. We are on the flight path to Heathrow – although far enough out for it not to bother us.

So – the sky is blue and cloudless – and the temperature is rising – and it’s too hot to crochet!

In theory this is my project. There are 100 centres waiting for the next stage. However, as my next task would normally be to weave in the ends there is no problem.

I’ve made a start but it will be slowly does it!

The outer yarn is one of STYLECRAFT’s new colours – A hint of Silver.

It’s an interesting colour, and will go with a good selection of colours. I’m looking forward to seeing it with the rest of the above colours.

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