Back in my happy place.

It isn’t easy to crochet in hot weather. Sometimes circumstances are such that everything seems hard, and there is no inspiration for anything creative. It’s in times like these that I remember my oft quoted Picasso saying:

‘Inspiration comes – but it has to find you working’.

If you paint, ‘working’ might just be slapping paint on a surface – no real intent, but just moving the brush around, adding colours, covering colours … just ‘playing’ but in a constructive manner, observing combinations and sequences that begin to excite.

I don’t paint any more. I don’t have a mess-making space any longer, but I do have yarn! I have exciting leftovers

And I also have boring scraps!

I say ‘boring’ because the quantity is very minor and some colours aren’t very exciting in storage!

There’s a lot going on too, so headspace is also limited. I’ve shelved all blankets that need thinking about (apart from the daily square that is already done)

Today’s #simplythirtysquares

(How pleased I am that this month’s blanket is made from just one colour!)

So, until it gets too hot to hold a hook, I’m just making ‘mindless’ 3-round grannies using scraps.

This is the ideal! A centre, two rounds, a second round, and a third! The amount that’s left is tied. That tells me there’s enough for a single centre only.

I’ve been asked to make an enormous blanket in the autumn. No matter the combination these squares will be ideal as a starting point and I’ll need lots ..

Better keep going for the time being! Don’t you just love ‘stash busting’? I hope you can find a happy place in the midst of whatever. We have avoided a hosepipe ban for the time being, but probably not for much longer …

4 thoughts on “Back in my happy place.

  1. Linda

    Yes – sometimes inspiration/motivation is in short supply here too. At these times I often find a mindless project is the best thing for me.
    I am very curious as to what a hosepipe pan is 🤷‍♀️
    Have the best day and I hope it cools down for you soon xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂. Thank you spellcheck! It’s correct now! It should have been ‘ban’. Some parts of the country have been told not to use them for watering gardens etc. Out tomatoes won’t like it if that happens. No rain here since mid-June, and that was only light drizzle. How are things with you, Linda? Pleased your job is a pleasure. xox


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