Five Colours for August and a glimpse

Sometimes writing a blog post is a chore. Maintaining a blog is expensive, and it often needs a clear out. Sometimes a post can be recycled, but it doesn’t happen often, and it certainly can’t happen for Five Colour Friday.

Posts also take time to write. I have little creative time in that respect, it is usually confined to the early hours when the house is asleep, and I should be, too. However, I love the quiet, so it’s then that thoughts flow freely. They don’t all end up here, but in a collection of notebooks and journals.

Today’s colour collection originated in such a journal. I was reflecting on this summer in comparison to last year. It’s been hotter in 2022, and that’s a bit of an understatement, but it’s definitely the garden colour that has been different. Last year the roses flowered in abundance for months. The first appeared in late May and the last were still hanging on in December. That won’t happen this year. Several have already finished flowering, but one staggers on with a few blooms. This little collection of Five Colours is a small tribute to these beautiful plants.

Our roses are in pinks, cream, yellow and apricots. This year it is the pink roses that have completely shut down. The leaves are still there, so hopefully the flowers will return next year.

These photos were taken earlier, before the drought was even considered.

Just 5 colours, but 120 squares and there’s a chart to prove it via that link.

All the colours I’ve used here are Stylecraft Special DK.


There are other things on my hook too. #simplythirtysquares progresses daily

Progress on this has not been quite as smooth as usual, however. I hit panic part way through strip 3 when I discovered that what I thought was a new ball was actually already half used! This meant that there wasn’t enough yarn to finish. Thinking cap on, and plan altered! Phew! You’ll see the result in just a few days .. will it really be September?

Yes! August has been hot, and this is certainly demonstrated in this temperature square.

The above will also be fully revealed at some point. I may be adding to it over the next few days.

Have a good weekend. I hope you find time to pick up your crochet hook. I’m still ‘stashbusting’ but a yarn delivery may need to be on the horizon in the near future! 🤔

5 thoughts on “Five Colours for August and a glimpse

  1. Linda

    I love gardens with flowers – we have a huge garden with some shrubs !!! We did have two big gardenia bushes by our front verandah but they were replanted into pits and didn’t survive 😞. We also had some lovely azaleas which flowered quite often but they also didn’t survive the move down to the little house. I think it gets too hot here and we aren’t keen enough gardeners to actually water our plants – they survive in spite of us not because of the care we give them 😆

    Half balls when full balls are expected can be very frustrating !!!! Glad you had a plan B. I am stash busting with some yarn my friend gave me but tomorrow, on our way to Logan (half way to Brisbane) I will be stopping at the yarn shop as I need yarn to make a spider man blanket for a friend’s son. I am quite excited at the prospect of going yarn shopping even if it’s only for red, blue and black yarn 😂

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    1. Water is the key I’m sure. We don’t usually have to think too much about that – it often happens as a matter of course.

      Shopping for yarn may have to happen soon. I’m almost out of some temperature colours. Is that a good thing? 😂


  2. Another beautiful blanket again!! I really love this colour palette (do I say that every time?) 😂 my roses have suffered the drought but I’m hoping a cut back should save them. Along with my fruit trees and other perennials 🤞 it’s crazy that it’s September next week, where has this year gone?! I’m also stash busting and doing well but I think I’ll probably sell some of the yarns I don’t wish to use. Xx

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    1. I know! Autumn! We went shopping last week and was horrified to see Christmas ribbons and advent calendars on sale! Not old stock either!! Roses are fairly hardy once established. Let’s hope they all survive. xx

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      1. No! That’s ridiculous!! It’s not even been my birthday yet, I’ll not be being festive until after that! 😂
        Ah I hope so I’ve had them since the start of the year and they are in pots so o think a cut back and a mulch and they’ll be fine xx

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