Scrappy catch-up!

I have to admit that the interest in my current scrappy in-car crochet on Instagram has surprised me. I’ve not been able to add much to it since it’s start, but you will remember it’s introduction in Balls, balls and more balls!

In fact, I’ve only added about 5 rounds, but I’m hopeful that the Easter break will add one or three more. To that end I’m continuing to make scrap balls.

You may remember that I made myself some ‘rules’. These were really very tongue in cheek as crochet doesn’t always work out perfectly on paper, and should always be reviewed at each stage. Here they are as a reminder.

  1. Two round centre of a single colour
  2. Coloured yarn length anywhere between roughly 50cm and 1.5m
  3. Vary ‘2’ above according to impulse
  4. Neutral yarn approx 3m minimum.
  5. Vary ‘4’ according to impulse.
  6. Break any rules as you see fit
  7. Enjoy. If it becomes a chore put it away until the inspiration returns.

So how does it look now?

Most colours are alternated with what I term a ‘neutral’. Your definition may be different, but these include, Cream, White, Parchment, Sandstorm, Starling, Mushroom, Mocha, Grey, Silver, Hint of silver …. You get the idea. Various manufacturers but all classed as Double Knitting.

I’m on my second scrap yarn ball. I don’t make enormous ones – roughly 30gms, that’s just about 1 ounce to those of you using Imperial Measures. There are a number of videos on YouTube describing the best knot, but this is one of the clearer and better ones. Do a search and find one you prefer if all isn’t clear.

It’s staying in the car with hook and scissors so that it’s there when I need it. It will be perfect for a long car journey but currently they are few and far between.

The project began after a post by @emmaknitty I liked the idea that it was open-ended, but have to admit the there isn’t much mindful about my grab and cut technique – or about my ‘crochet while map reading exercise’ that I’m expecting soon… no SatNav allowed in this house 😉

And I have to say that I really enjoy the unexpected colour combinations that suddenly arise in a project like this. Give it a go – it might even inspire your best project of the year!

Oh – and most importantly… REMEMBER THAT NOTHING IS CARVED IN STONE! If you feel a section of yarn is too long … cut it and insert another! JUST HAVE FUN AND ENJOY BECAUSE THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG!

What have you got to lose?

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