Balls, balls and more balls!

Our car journeys have reduced considerably over the past months. To be honest we hardly consider using the car at all. Mr Nuvofelt has become a ‘home bird’ which means I’m rarely driven, but when I am – it’s a good opportunity for in-car crochet.

The opportunity arose the other day. My hook and yarn were ready but in our haste to meet a deadline I left everything behind! It won’t happen again! I have a plan …

I’m determined that 2022 will be the year I more than break the back of my yarn scraps.

Let’s just say that I have a superfluity of balls! It’s relatively easy to use most of scraps like this. All of these will make the centre of a granny square, some are long enough for the second round and a few big enough for both.

Now I could tie them all together to make a scrappy blanket like before

Spin your Granny was a good use too, but …

… this time I also want to tackle those neutral yarns – from white and cream through to silver and light beige.

(And even use the ones with ‘flecky bits’.)

So I came up with a plan.

Yes. I’m making scrap balls of yarn, but each coloured length is separated from the next by a longer length of neutral. These will also be a very good reason to use some of my least favourite yarn which is something I’ve been avoiding.

Now it’s MY blanket – so I can set the rules

  1. Two round centre of a single colour
  2. Coloured yarn length anywhere between roughly 50cm and 1.5m
  3. Vary ‘2’ above according to impulse
  4. Neutral yarn approx 3m minimum.
  5. Vary ‘4’ according to impulse.
  6. Break any rules as you see fit
  7. Enjoy. If it becomes a chore put it away until the inspiration returns.

However, as this is intended only as ‘in car’ crochet I doubt boredom of any description will set in.

If you would like to make your own ball of scrap yarn there’s a good video here.

One day I’ll make another video, but no time at present.

So, yesterday we went out in the car and …

So far so good! It’s safely tucked up waiting for our next outing – with crochet hook and scissors!

Catch up with the daily square for #simplythirtysquares later on INSTAGRAM

Back soon. Happy Hooking!

5 thoughts on “Balls, balls and more balls!

  1. Linda

    What a great idea. I have a few really big balls of scraps that I am keeping for ‘the right time’ – not sure when that will be but it saves having a heap of little bits rolling around and getting tangled up in a bag somewhere at the bottom of a drawer !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really getting bogged down with all the scrappy bits of neutrals. White, off white, not quite white, white that’s almost creaM – you get the idea. It will all be a surprise next time we go for a drive 🤣🤣 xox


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