Red Medley Blanket

This blanket has been a joy to make. It’s uplifted my spirits at every turn. To begin with I just chose colours and arranged them in a pleasing sequence. Taking five colours at a time I made little stacks of colour, and would willingly have left them like that to drool over for a while …

Frankly, any of the colours in the LONG LIST would have been suitable, but I chose Tomato for joining and border.

The placement came about by accident. I tumbled the squares out onto the bed and they fell roughly with all the red ones in the centre. I think it was a very happy accident.

The edge was brought together with a round of granny stitch followed by a circuit of trebles.

After a couple of attempts at other borders I settled for Crab Stitch – which rounds it off perfectly.

And finally even the last rogue end was woven in.

There is more information about the Medley blanket HERE .

So, next I’m moving on to smaller squares and continuing with the daily squares for #simplythirtysquares

Today’s square

I’m enjoying the colour and the Royal Blue edging.

I began it last night, so this will be my ‘entertainment’ for the next while.

What are you working on? How’s the weather with you? There is so much going on in the world that I need the comfort of an innocuous granny to persuade me that there is a certain amount of normality still around. 🙁

2 thoughts on “Red Medley Blanket

  1. Linda

    I KNEW I would love the blanket from those piles of squares !!!!
    I am working on Alan’s scarf – mainly because I already have another two projects on the go and I just want to get ONE of them finished plus it’s waaaaaaaaay too hot to have anything more than a scarf in my lap while I am crocheting – even with the aircon and vornado on !!!!
    Thankfully the rain has stopped but the heat means the humidity is up on the 90s most of the time – it’s bloody awful !! And the mould – URRRGGHHH. We have never had trouble with mould before – that is a problem in Darwin during the wet, not a problem on the Gold Coast !!
    Take care and stay safe xox

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    1. The scarf will be done for the cooler weather when it comes. As for crocheting in the heat – we don’t get many days, but I understand what you mean. Thank you for loving the blanket. It was definitely big enough to keep me cosy in the making. xox


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