Progress report

We are almost halfway through April. March seems a long while ago now, but this month began with a bit of a catch-up.

I like to keep abreast of the Temperature blankets. It’s so easy to let a day slip by and then it’s suddenly a week of updates – or more … but to my horror …

… I had run out of two colours that I knew would be needed for spring and on into Autumn! Mustard and Pistachio had to be purchased, and thanks to THE KNITTING NETWORK they were here in a twinkle.

January to March

And so the first three months were completed as seen above and below in both versions.

January to March

April has been started, and the fourth square (of three days) will be added later today.

So that is up to date, and so too is #simplythirtysquares for March.

Day 12 was completed this morning and added to strip number two.

I have found the squares very difficult to photograph on their own, but the addition of the joining yarn shows the colours in their own right.

Progress on the Cranleigh blanket is still slow, and I’m really not sure why? There are only two strips to complete and then the border. Maybe I’ll do something later? 🤔

So, Easter is approaching and we have a couple of longish journeys happening. This is already in the car

It hasn’t progressed since you saw it last time! I have, however, tied more yarn into balls in readiness.

Have a great week, I may or may not be back with another update before the weekend – but in case I’m not … have a Happy Easter.

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