Today’s the day!

There was no thought or discussion, I just knew that another temperature blanket would be made for 2022 in the same manner as that for 2021. It will be the 9th, and this system is the easiest yet!

I’m all prepared, centre made and two little bundles of yarn for low and high on Jan 1 and 2.

I haven’t checked the low yet, but as soon as the high is confirmed this square will become a reality. If you want to follow along you can do so HERE

So, what about the last blanket? Were the squares finished on time?

Yes! All catching ups were completed and 12 strips laid out side by side.

Daylight was minimal on New Years Day, so there was no time for niceties of presentation for this photograph.

Jan 1 2021 is bottom right and Dec 31 top left. There are joining ends to weave in, and then it can be made whole, but not yet.

First I have an URGENT BLANKET that must be finished by February 1

And, of course, my THIRTY SQUARES blanket for January.

No time to get bored
Hook and yarn at the ready
Relax and enjoy!

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