How many is too many?

A new year – a new project! … or three!

I haven’t told you much about the above project yet, but over half is completed, and it’s on schedule.

The ‘Square a day’ throw is up to date with today’s square completed before breakfast!

And .. two squares are completed for the new Temperature Blanket (same three-day format as the last one). Square three will be made tomorrow evening.

So .. I think it’s time to start another‘intermittent’ blanket, with no deadline and a bit of fun thrown in!

I’ve chosen a few colours. More about them in a day or so, but I’m about to embark on another Friendship Blanket. Do you remember THE ONES FROM LAST YEAR?

The format will be the same. A few colours will be released from time to time and I’ll be asking for combinations both here and on Instagram. Don’t be afraid to comment – it’s only that way that your chosen colours can be added. It will never matter if your choice is similar to someone else’s as that will just help to decide the final layout.

I hope you will join in.

3 thoughts on “How many is too many?

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