Five Colour Friday

This was sunrise yesterday morning. It was cold, but blue skies and sun all day. This morning isn’t so promising.

That is the only bit of ‘blue’ around, and I’m guessing that that’s a ‘front’ moving in. The forecast isn’t good, so I’m crochet hook at the ready and will stay cozily huddled up. If you already have bad weather – take care and stay safe.

I have to say, though, that we live in a very sheltered spot. Our weather is completely unpredictable according to the tv and radio forecasts. We are nestled right at the very end of the North Downs – and they certainly shield us from most bad weather.

But enough triviality! Let’s move on to the subject in hand.

Yes, it really is the last Friday of November. So, Five Colour Friday is here. I try to keep you guessing, and this combination made a very striking blanket. It’s on its way to its recipient and I forgot a proper photograph so some of these photos are fabricated. I’ve asked for a picture but as it’s a gift it may not come until the New Year.

No, that isn’t Black! It’s Midnight – a dark navy blue, and much less stark than black.

The two inner colours are the favourites of the recipient and the outer two echo the colours of its intended room. Midnight was chosen as a definite boundary between the two.

UK above

Placing the darker colour there really makes the ‘favourites’ POP! Of course, there are other combinations of five colours and you can find links to those below.

All Stylecraft Special DK

  • Vintage Peach
  • Lincoln
  • Midnight
  • Fuchsia Purple
  • Bluebell

The knitting Network has bargains every hour today, and something else tomorrow. No idea what’s on offer, but always worth checking out.

Breakdown of 120 squares of five colours – downloadable list

Breakdown of 720 squares of six colours – downloadable list

2 thoughts on “Five Colour Friday

  1. Linda

    I always love to see the colour combos you use because they make me think about not being so narrow in my ideas of what colours to use together. I would never have thought those 5 colours would look so amazing – and yet once again they do !! Thank you for stretching my imagination xox

    Liked by 1 person

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