A confession…

I’m not doing very well with #organisedoctober!

There – I’ve said it

I have now completed and joined another 42 squares of the Boddington blanket.

But there are more than that still to do! Each strip is 14 squares long … it’s going to be a B I G blanket!

Yesterday I took a break.

Oncoming traffic was horrendous, but as you can see our journey was unhindered. We went about 20 miles to a surprise.

Afternoon tea, and plenty to eat

Can you see that I enjoyed it? ☺️

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4 thoughts on “A confession…

  1. Linda

    I love seeing photos of my friends who live in my phone !!!!!
    Uuuurrrggghhh for traffic – it was hard work this morning because of the rain we are having – a welcome change from the sun !
    Have the best day !
    Me xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rain? Enjoy! As for traffic – there are roadworks everywhere! Holdups are the new norm it would appear. It will pass – in a couple of years or so ….

      Make the most of the photo – it doesn’t happen often 😂😂. xox


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