Pick me up and Put me down Blanket

On Monday I shared the MINGLE MANGLE scrap blanket

It’s a ‘Slow’ project – but fun and an intermission from deadlines etc. However, there is more than one way to peel an orange! 😉

Each new project produces ‘leftovers’. These might be anything from just a few inches to several grams. That several grams may be enough to go towards another project but more often than not it’s just another ball in the oddments bin.

Meanwhile, maybe, stash grows and grows – because there is TEMPTATION EVERYWHERE

So what I needed was a project that used both! And I think I have found the answer.

Linen stitch; Moss stitch – call it what you will, it’s just a UK Double crochet and a chain repeated ad infinitum!

More details will follow!

5 thoughts on “Pick me up and Put me down Blanket

      1. purvis1946

        I’m just using my stash, it’s been interrupted for a baby blanket request. This one will be Beautiful Shell Afghan with teal and gray. I will post pictures soon.

        Liked by 1 person

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