Here endeth ….! #crochet6in366

If you have been following the blog over the last week you will know that it seems to be the season for finishing! And here we are with another – almost! Two blocks! That’s all it takes to finish blanket number five of #crochet6in366

So, here are the first two blocks for this week – and further on the start of the next blanket.

  • November 4: Pale Rose/ Lobelia/ Violet/ Bluebell/ Mushroom
  • November 5: Raspberry/ Stone/ Storm Blue/ Sage/ Mushroom
Today’s square.

You can see the joined blocks here.

So as soon as the above are done we can think about the next blanket in earnest. Details of requirements etc were posted here a few days ago. Deramores still have their sale, although the items do change, so now could be the time to buy that yarn – especially with another lockdown in the offing! Read on for the first few squares.

For the time being I’ll call this the Batik Blanket, but that won’t do in the long term.

Each square will be two colours. The foundation round of each is cream and so too is the outer round. There are seven rounds in each square. The sequence starts on November 6. Here are the first few squares.

  • November 6: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Indigo/ 1 round Cream
  • November 7: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Iron/ 1 round Cream
  • November 8: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Copper/ 1 round Cream
  • November 9: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Sulphur/ 1 round Cream
  • November 10: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Krypton/ 1 round Cream

I hope you enjoy the change of colour scheme. There will be a few more posts this week and the next schedule will be posted next Wednesday. Below are the links to some of the latest posts where you can find some of the recent finishes.

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