My crochet weekend.

My hook has been busy this weekend, in fact you may well have seen smoke if you were nearby. 😉. I had an emergency task – 30 squares to make over the weekend! I did it!

Fortunately I had an accommodating yarn. It was Cygnet Kiddies Kaleidoscope DK in the Sherbet Dip colourway.

It still needs a border.

It’s a cot sized blanket, and I have to admit it’s the quickest and easiest blanket I’ve ever made. well, almost made – the border will be added this week.

You may have seen this photo on Instagram

The colours are very quiet and gentle – totally different to my usual choices – but I know the recipient will be pleased. It was a refreshing change to be able to make a square and just join without having to think about placement.

Of course, the weekend also saw an end and a beginning, and I’m not talking about the USA election! The end came on Friday with the last square of Funfetti HotchPotch

Since then I have begun the border.

More will be added in a day or two.

And so – the beginning!

Yes, the final blanket for #crochet6in366 has begun, and these are the first 3 squares. Unlike the first blanket in this post the ones in this series have taken a lot of thought and planning to make it easy for you all. If there is enough interest I may do something next year, something along different lines. A comment below or on Instagram will give me an indication.

Back on Wednesday with the next schedule.

4 thoughts on “My crochet weekend.

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