A catch-up and the next stage of the Nasturtium Blanket

Has it been too hot to crochet? I’ve found that the best time has been between 7 and 9 in the morning. Not that that has been the most convenient time, though! It’s always a busy start to the day, and for the last while I’ve tried to do more in the cool of the morning.

Dolly Mixtures is progressing, though, and Blues in Twos would have been finished – but … Don’t believe the adverts that it’s a doddle to crochet with cotton when it’s hot – it just isn’t true, but there’ll be more about this in the future. So, one square a day has been guaranteed to be completed, and Nasturtium has won, hands down! I must catch up with all the links on the landing page, but this isn’t as easy as it sounds. I will get to it, but it won’t be this week.

So, here’s what you are waiting for:

  • August 12: Primrose, Citron, Saffron, Tomato, Spice, Mustard, Gold.
  • August 13: Primrose, Dandelion, Sunshine, Pistachio, Meadow, Mustard, Gold.
  • August 14: Tomato, Spice, Primrose, Citron, Saffron, Mustard Gold.
  • August 15: Primrose, Citron, Saffron, Meadow, Pistachio, Mustard, Gold.
  • August 16: Sunshine, Clementine, Tomato, Primrose, Dandelion, Mustard Gold (End of Strip 5)
  • August 17: Saffron, Meadow, Pistachio, Primrose, Citron, Mustard, Gold (Strip 6 Begins)
  • August 18: Clementine, Tomato, Primrose, Dandelion, Sunshine, Mustard, Gold.

And so another week of 2020 slips by! August 18 will see 228 squares completed, AND THE NEXT WEEK WILL SEE THE COMPLETION OF THE SQUARES FOR THIS BLANKET

Details of the next project will be posted tomorrow.

Today’s square

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