#crochet6in366 continues

Most of you are following your own colour schemes for this project, but I will continue to post my sequence for my local group. We are meeting once a month for a virtual get together. It’s a fun chance to catch up with everyone.

  • May 13: 4 rounds Lincoln, 1 round Graphite
  • May 14: 5 rounds Graphite STRIP 2 ENDS
  • May 15: 2 rounds Fiesta, 2 rounds Fuchsia Purple, 1 round Graphite STRIP 3 BEGINS
  • May 16: 5 rounds Graphite
  • MAY 17: 2 rounds Fuchsia Purple, 2 rounds Meadow, 1 round Graphite
  • May 18: 5 rounds Graphite
  • May 19: 1round each of Matador, Lipstick, Pomegranate, Claret and ending with one round of Graphite

Just one week this time.

Have fun and stay safe.

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