Daily squares continue.

If you have been keeping up with a square a day for this year you will know that today’s square makes 141 so far! More to come – and here we go!

  • May 20: 5 rounds Graphite
  • May 21: Alternate rounds of Plum/Magenta, 1 round Graphite STRIP 3 ENDS
  • May 22: 5 rounds Graphite STRIP 4 BEGINS
  • May 23: Grape/Clematis/Magenta/ Plum/Graphite
  • May 24: 5 rounds Graphite
  • May 25: 2 rounds Sage, 2 rounds Sherbet, 1 round Graphite
  • May 26: 5 rounds Graphite
A square from last week
  • May 27: 4 rounds Jaffa, 1 round Graphite
  • May 28: 5 rounds Graphite STRIP 4 ENDS
  • May 29: 2 rounds Burgundy, 2 rounds Bright Pink, 1 round Graphite STRIP 5 BEGINS
  • MAY 30: 5 rounds Graphite
  • May 31: Alternate rounds of Lobelia and Lapis, 1 round Graphite
  • June 1: 5 rounds Graphite
  • June 2 : 2rounds Meadow, 2 rounds Fuchsia Purple, 1 round Graphite
  • June 3: 5 rounds Graphite

And so June arrives. I wonder what’s in store…

More soon. Stay safe.

One thought on “Daily squares continue.

  1. Love the Magenta and Clematis colors! Beautiful square.
    Haven’t been able to do any crocheting the past month. Had an accident a few weeks ago – so besides a laceration and lump on my forehead; my right hand and wrist have been in a brace which I have to wear another 3 weeks. Hopefully the pain will stop by then. Slowly trying to do a little bit of some squares. Hugs!!

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