A new blanket begins

And so we reach May! Still in Lockdown, but surviving. I hope you are all well and coping too.

Today is the start of a new blanket. Buying yarn is difficult. Yes, I know it’s available online, but delivery isn’t quick, for obvious reasons, and it just puts everyone under more pressure. So, this is going to be completely random, and I’m going to use scraps that suit a number of rounds rather than coordinate the colours. Each square will be of 4 rounds with a fifth added in Graphite. I’ll be listing the colours of the squares as I make them, so you can either choose the same colours or use your own choices in a similar way. Each alternate square is a single colour, I have chosen Graphite as I have about 5 balls left over from a previous project. All colours are Stylecraft Special DK.

As before the blanket will be made in strips, this time of 7 squares.

  1. May 1 – Centre Pistachio, 3 rounds Parchment, 1 round Graphite
  2. May 2 – 5 rounds Graphite
  3. May 3 – 4 rounds Spice, 1 round Graphite
  4. May 4 – 5 rounds Graphite
  5. May 5 – 2 rounds Spice, 2 rounds Aspen, 1 round Graphite

The second week will be:

  1. May 6 – 5 rounds Graphite
  2. May 7 – centre Parma Violet, 2 rounds Pale Rose, 1 round Denim, 1 round Graphite STRIP ONE ENDS
  3. May 8 – 5 rounds Graphite STRIP TWO BEGINS
  4. May 9 – alternate rounds of Lapis and Lobelia, 1 round Graphite
  5. May 10 – 5 rounds Graphite
  6. May 11 – alternate rounds of Magenta and Plum, 1 round Graphite
  7. May 12 – 5 rounds Graphite

Have fun, and stay safe.

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