Garden, a birthday – and more!

I love spring! Suddenly the garden bursts into colour.

This collage was made earlier in the month. All plants are still flowering and there is still more colour around. No wonder we take so much inspiration from nature. Even the peonies are beginning to bloom

Yesterday we celebrated the third family birthday in lockdown. It was a little surreal as you can imagine. However, the birthday boy had a really good time! Not only were a few family members able to visit for an ‘over the wall’ chat, but later in the day we all tuned into our favourite tech and chatted like that. So, with a surprise birthday cake, a garden serenade of ‘Happy Birthday to you’ by a few neighbours, and a new favourite curry to finish the day – I think he enjoyed it.

(The cake was made the old fashioned way to avoid the noisy mixer letting the cat out of the bag).

I’ve been hunting through my yarn bits and pieces. These are just a few of the small balls that are now safely in a basket. Toda I will wind them into little balls, weigh them, and then make some calculations. I have enough for a scrap blanket, especially as I have PLENTY of Graphite for the main colour. These are for Blanket 3 which STARTS THIS WEEK! It will be random -ish, so maybe not too easy to follow along, but ideal if you want to use your scraps too. The first square will be made on Monday, and, as usual, posted on the 2020 blog. The colours are a little unpredictable as I may run out of some sooner than anticipated, and others may be added as other blankets are completed.

Speaking of other blankets …. this is a sneak view of one of my current makes.

It really is a secret and I know it’s destined owner reads the blog, so for the time being this is all I can show you. It’s one of many that I’ve made over the years, and very individual, even though it’s ‘just grannies’. My next post will introduce you to a new service I’m intending to offer, it’s related to the image above, but maybe not in the way you imagine!

Stay safe and see you soon.

2 thoughts on “Garden, a birthday – and more!

  1. I now see where your inspiration for colors come from, your beautiful flowers!
    Hope your birthday boy enjoyed his curry dinner and birthday cake. Once nice thing about being in “lockdown” we are experimenting more with cooking – and crocheting!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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