A few thoughts

It’s difficult for all of us at the moment isn’t it. I’ve been surprised by several things:

Firstly, the conflicting information that’s being passed out by officials. Should we go out or not? ‘Rules’ say ‘Yes for specific reasons’ – Doctor says Not, not under any circumstances’. However, we don’t fall into the very specific guidelines as set out by the government. What to do? Wait and see. We won’t fade away I’m sure.

Secondly, I’ve been surprised by the empty headed behaviour of a few (very few that I’ve actually seen) people who feel they can flaunt the rules. I’ll say no more …

Thirdly, I’ve been amazed and heartened by the way our small local community has come together to support each other. King may this spirit continue.

We have been blessed with beautiful weather. The skies have been blue and the sunshine a real antidote to the ever increasing doom and gloom that is being broadcast on TV and Radio. Spring is my favourite season – temperatures neither too low nor too high. I’m very fickle.

The camellia above flowers at this time every year. It is in a very sheltered position and will continue flowering now into May. I’m sure the blooms have increased in size over the years. It was my father’s favourite plant, so it always seems to bring him closer when it flowers. This year? However, I was struck by the similarity in colour to the current #crochet6in366 blanket. Even the sky chose to echo the colours.

Take care everyone. We’ll get through this if we all stick to the rules.

3 thoughts on “A few thoughts

  1. Linda

    I’m so with you – there seems to be so much mis-information being disseminated that it’s hard to know what is right and what’s not.
    I’m so glad that i have finally managed to get the old people to cut down their shopping from daily or every second day to once a week – I call that a HUGE win.
    At the moment we are still working. Alan is considered an essential service as he builds mobile networks. We are still working and I have spent the last week scouring the government sites looking for which stimulus packages that we qualify for.
    Take care and stay safe ! xox

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