A reminder and …

We have been so grateful for the sun during this lockdown. Several days of sunshine and blue skies has certainly lifted the spirits. In theory there has been a lot of time for crochet – in practice – hardly any!

If you are expecting this to include the schedule for #crochet6in366 you will find it in last week’s post. Sadly I can’t add a link from here but hope to do it later. I normally write these posts on my iPad where everything is easily accessible, however, the new iPad has decided to die …. really not convenient! I’m up to date with these squares. How are you faring?

I have spent my crochet time catching up with this 100days/100squares. Rather stupidly I presumed I could remember how far I had got … I was wrong ! I duplicated far too many squares before I realised my mistake! Not quite enough to start a new blanket, but certainly enough to make a sizeable inroad into a future scrap blanket. The above squares were the last, and now I’m fully up to date.

My next task is to catch up with the Spirit of Spring blanket. There are only a few outstanding so I may even manage those in an evening. Sadly, though, my Reynauds Syndrome has kicked in ‘big time’ and cold (very) don’t work well. Hopefully things will improve soon.

I hope you are all well and safe. Food delivery isn’t easy, is it? Another reason I need my iPad!

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