100 days Rainbow CAL.

The first week of September is almost over! It’s been busy with hospital appointments and more. The blanket that will become The Spirit of September has made a slow start while ideas formed in my head, but it’s now underway and I’ll share more with you when it has progressed further…

Everyone loves a rainbow, and it suddenly struck me that there’s a simple way of making a rainbow blanket, so I’m collecting my bits and pieces to begin next week. Fancy joining me?

Here’s the plan..

100 days, 100 squares.

Now, within that regime there is plenty of scope for artistic license! Each square could be a basic granny square, or your favourite block. All ‘reds’ for instance, could be the same red, or different shades from your yarn collection. How about making each square several shades of the same colour? Three rounds or four, which will you prefer? Basically I’m saying – the fewer ‘rules’ the better!

I’m starting on Monday. I’ll probably make it a random layout of solid squares, and join strips of ten as I go. At one square a day they should all be finished by Christmas, and someone may even have a freshly made gift.

Fancy joining in? I’ll be posting mostly daily photos on Instagram with the hashtag #100rainbowsquares I hope you will join in. Any questions? Ask below.

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