It’s hard to know …

… where to start!

August is almost over, and, amongst other things, that heralds the start of autumn. I have to admit that I’m pleased the temperature has dropped somewhat. It isn’t cold by any means, but sleeping is easier, and crochet can at last be factored into the day. My head is bursting with ideas, colours and textures, hopefully some will appear on the hook over the next several months.

I’ll begin by telling you about a mistake I made!

Are you seduced by colour? I admit that I am, but I try very hard to control it!! Last week, though, I succumbed! Bargain yarn was on offer, and in just the colour for a specific Christmas present. A brand I know well, but I didn’t recognise the yarn.

The price was good, as you can see, and there were just enough balls in the right colour. I succumbed!

Purples, blues and greens. Always a stunning combination, so I was looking forward to making a special present. I began.

This is as far as I went, The yarn was really irritating, it twisted as I worked and soon became tight and string-like. It was impossible to maintain an even tension so this idea has flown out of the window and I’ll have to think again. More samples are needed, and I can understand why the yarn is discontinued!

So I moved on.

It’s over a month since I completed the squares for the 100 days project. I decided it was time to begin the edging and joining.

Not yet quite finished, but already reserved I’m pleased to say.

The Temperature blanket is up to date,

and so too is the Spirit of Summer blanket.

The colours are similar in these samples, showing the most recent squares from each. The ‘Spirit ‘ blanket will be finished in a few days, and then ‘Autumn ‘ will be on the hook.

That’s all for now. I’m in the process of making some new samples for an idea that’s been in my head for a while. I’ll share this idea with you in a day or two.

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