There’s always more than one way …

Remember this? Jaffa in Superfluity! Is there any way I can incorporate this yarn into FIVE COLOUR FRIDAY? It’s the last Friday of the month – so let’s see … Don’t run away because you ‘hate’ orange – it may give you an idea of how to use an excess in your stash that is not your favourite!

The time had come to use this yarn. I’ve been looking at it for a while. But how? After some trials and errors I decided that a contrast was probably the best addition to calm things down with a couple of analogous colours to help. Then, of course, there’s the next question – do I shout it from the rooftops – or is little and often the way forward?

Slowly did it – until real inspiration arrived!

I chose:

  • Bluebell
  • Cloud Blue
  • Saffron and
  • Cypress

The blues are the contrasts (opposite sides of the colour wheel) and between the two are yellow and green.

But … can you see – FIVE COLOURS! Perfect for Five Colour Friday, which just happens to fall today, but this month there is also a ‘twist’. Read on to find out.

The object of the exercise was to use as much Jaffa as possible, so it was chosen to be the main colour. However, three stitch blocks were far too heavy for the outer rounds, so after a bit of tedious sampling I decided on 2 x trebles (uk) (2 x US dc) plus 1 chain into each space and therefore 2 chain in each corner for the last three rounds only.

Now that I have made several #simplythirtysquares blankets (follow the link for more) I knew I could use 3 of the balls with ease. That would only leave a couple for the future – a little more manageable!

And it worked! A very simple border completes it!

So… that certainly shouted ‘Jaffa’ from the rooftops

However .. Not everyone is a fan of too much glare, so while working on it I came up with another plan ..

Do you remember this post?

It refers to this blanket.

Click to read more.

Read more about it via the above link. It had left me with another ‘accumulation’, and that had not been a mistake as the Bluebell was originally purchased with a purpose.

Another blanket was begun – to feature Jaffa in another way.

I need the rest of my now small supply of Saffron for another project that is still floating around in my head, so thinking cap was put on and a substitute found.

Similar sequence and pattern, but this time with the inclusion of Turquoise.

So that accounts for another ball of Jaffa and the frogged Bluebell will be no more!! It means that this month you have two #fivecolourfriday choices. Either of them could also be used conventionally with the Chart for 120 squares or include both Saffron AND Turquoise with all or part of this list for 720 squares

I still have more Jaffa! But I think that’s ‘it’ for now …

All yarns were purchased from The Knitting Network. They often heavy deals – SO DEFINITELY WORTH A LOOK

4 thoughts on “There’s always more than one way …

  1. Linda

    Oooh – not a fan of orange but love how you used it in both those blankets. I love the inspiration you provide with less used / popular colours.
    I hope you and yours are keeping well. Alan and I are sick again – second time in as many months. Not Happy Jan. !!!!! I never get colds but this year is proving that I am getting older and more susceptible and definitely not infallible to the dreaded lurgies going around. So far I haven’t got Covid but am wondering if it’s only a matter of time 🤦‍♀️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no! I’m really sorry to hear that. I hope it’s soon gone. We have avoided the big C too. Apparently it’s on the wane again here. Until last month we didn’t actually know anyone who had had it. Now we know 1 person. Take care and make the most of the rest of your weekend xox


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