That was the year …

… that was! Almost …


January was a cold month. Not exactly a surprise! Deep ‘midwinter’, let’s face it. It was good to cosy up under blankets while they were completed.


Spring began to burst through in February. More blankets on the hook. No movement around the country due to lockdown so crochet busyness continued.


March brought a couple of ‘not quite finished’ but there was actually more completed than shown above.


Each month more squares were added to the Temperature Blanket. The rest of the joining will have to wait until next month, but the strips are on schedule to be completed on time.


A sunny month, and a visitor that appreciates the sun! Blankets continued and the flower pots began to show their profusion of colour.


June was a good month for roses – in fact the whole summer suited the rose bushes.


Squares are easy to fit in when time is short.


Colourful Temperature squares show how warm it was. At times it was too hot to crochet, but morning was cool – after the early sunrise!


At last a trip away! These completed blankets were delivered for The Cariad Blanket Project.


The garden was beginning to look like autumn. More finishes and another start.


The November projects are still on the needles and hook. They will be finished at some point. Christmas preparation had taken over … and still continuing.

It’s been a productive year so far! I’ll tell you about December next month. Are you ready for Christmas? We are still waiting for final Covid information before making final arrangements.

4 thoughts on “That was the year …

  1. Linda

    Ooooh thank you for this post and the trip down memory lane of the past 12 months – it was lovely seeing your blankets again and remembering how much I love your colour combinations !!
    Have a wonderful festive season and here’s to a 2022 that sees our new normal become a reality.
    Much love and thanks for your support and encouragement over the past year xox


    1. Oh yes please Linda. A real normal would be lovely wouldn’t it. Thank you for your kind words and reciprocating the love. Your support and comments have given me much encouragement too. xox


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