Eleven down…

Just one more month to go for the Temperature Blanket!

Yesterday I had to play ‘catch-up’ Circumstances during the month meant that there were 15 days that needed completing – plus the note of the temperature that appeared most.

The square for November is Turquoise which represents 12 degrees C. It’s interesting to note that last year’s representative colour was Bluebell – 8 deg C. So this autumn did end on a milder note.

An early task for next year will be the ceremonial joining of strips. I don’t think it will be done in a day – or even a month. I’ll take my time, but first I want to see all strips laid out next to each other. You can FOLLOW THE ADVENTURE HERE

I have continued to create ‘magic balls’ of yarn for each month – so there are now 11 of those waiting for December to be added. All will be explained sometime in the future – but now … I’ll make my square for THIS

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2 thoughts on “Eleven down…

    1. For many years I had to grab just a few minutes – in secret – to do something creative. 15-20 minutes in the kitchen before the house woke up. It’s a habit I still continue – and yesterday’s temperature often fits the bill perfectly. Enjoy your day Linda. Thinking of you xox


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