Never say ‘NEVER’

It very easy to say ‘I’ll never do that’ ( whatever ‘that’ might be. I’ve caught myself out before! There are those amongst you that have heard me say ‘Granny squares? I hate them. I’ll NEVER make them …’


If it hadn’t been for the need of bedside crochet when my husband nearly died – and then, just a few short months later, as my mother lay dying, I would probably never have tried one again. However. The need of small portable pieces was of the essence – and granny squares are now often the order of the day.

This month is Blogtober21. The idea is that you blog each day – I don’t think I’ll manage every day but after the dearth of posts in August snd September I have some catching up to do!

October is also, apparently, Socktober! Now there I am once again going to say NEVER! This time, however, I think I may mean it.

Funnily enough it isn’t the making of them that puts me off but the wearing of them. Committed sock knitters have tried for years to convince me of their supreme comfort etc, but it hasn’t worked. In fact, even thinking about the ones I’ve seen has reminded me that ‘never’ may well be the word.

(You have permission to laugh raucously and remind me of this post if I ever do get the urge – but please don’t try and convince me because already my feet are cringing at the very thought)

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4 thoughts on “Never say ‘NEVER’

  1. Linda

    For many years, granny squares were all I made until I got bored and thought ‘I wonder if I could make something else ?’ and then the internet opened up so many patterns I have difficulty choosing sometimes.
    I have 2 pts of socks that IG friends have knitted and sent to me and I have worn them on occasions without shoes on when I am home – my feet also don’t deal with knitted socks. I feel like they are are not what we are supposed to put on our feet before we put shoes on – and when cables are involved …….. 🙄

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  2. Oh my! That is exactly what you needed at those times. I must say I thoroughly enjoy making granny squares, the variety of choices are amazing! Thank you for all the inspiration🤗 Vlogtober 21 has helped me to get back in the routine of blogging for sure! Socktober, I was late to the party but would like to make a pair soon! Yes, my feet like them 😂

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