Friendship 2

Another quick project – the third start and finish of 2021 I’ve also finished a fourth, but that was a larger project and started last year! I’ll talk about that another day.

This has been fun to make, and a breath of spring on several really grey days.

It still has to be washed and blocked. Details of colours used can be found HEREI’ll definitely make another Friendship Blanket next month – it’s been fun inviting colour choices. If you want to make one yourself details are HERE

Tomorrow is the last Friday of January so watch out for Five Colour Friday, and if you are thinking of buying yarn for a new project DERAMORES have a special offer of save £10 on purchases over £30 via this link

3 thoughts on “Friendship 2

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  2. Linda

    Love the end product – it looks great. I am a little behind in my friendship blanket but that is totally OK – it will get done when it gets done. There is no need in our climate for any blankets at the moment !!! LOL
    Have the best weekend !

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    1. 😂. I can imagine that a blanket would be rather superfluous! Take a week – take a year – it doesn’t matter – no competition just an idea. I will continue with the concept occasionally. It works and is fun. Thanks for joining in Enjoy your sun. We may have some – but at less than half your temperature 😉


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