2020 retrospective – March

March saw the beginning of a new Temperature Blanket. The Spirit of Spring 2020 was begun, and we all hoped the Corona would go away!

The finishing touches were added to The Spirit of Winter, and another blanket was completed.

Samples were transformed into a Doll’s blanket, which was so successful the colours etc were destined to reappear later in a slightly larger format.

Grandma was also called upon to make some running repairs! The result (swipe) was better than expected!

Aside from crochet and needlework, however shortages were beginning to bite! Loo rolls of course had much press, but in our house the main fear was lack of biscuits! 😰 Phew! Our son found a double packet so Hubby was ok for another month!

Blankets came and went – and now I realise that I have more pictures of works in progress than actual finished items!

But #crochet6in366 was still in progress

Saturday March 21 saw the start of our first Lockdown. Corona wasn’t going away, snd now it was officially Covid-19!

So the answer was to just keep looking for positives! Were there any?

Well, yes there were, and you can read about some of them on the not so crochet retrospective blog post here.

Most of the yarns featured in this post were purchased from Deramores

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