2020 retrospective – February

February was a quiet month in the Nuvofelt household. It was remarkably mild, with temperatures reaching 14C on one day, which was marked by Sage in the Temperature Blanket.

#crochet6in366 continued and the two demo blankets were finished – and also another that was quietly made in the background.

These are now in their forever homes, and much loved I gather. so, once finished the series continued with another collection of colours.

I have found textiles to be an excellent way to keep records. This has been a habit for many years, and I have easily adapted it to crochet for a number things. The temperature blanket is a case in point, but another was the marking the Brexit debacle with a hotchpotch of ugly squares a while ago. In the beginning of 2020 we were reminded that the end had still not come, but was nigh…. (not quite as ‘nigh’ as now). News and details were so miserable that at the start of the year I embarked on a positive 100 days blanket. In cheery blues, yellows and greens it was now beginning to take shape.

Spring began to burst out all over with the mild temperatures, so it was easy to be positive

Visits from grandchildren were the norm – and looking at newly completed blankets was always a priority!

And scrap balls became larger and larger as full sized balls reduced in size,

Meanwhile news was coming in about the pandemic that would change the year quite dramatically. The headlines on the 28th of the month announced 20 cases of Covid-19 in the U.K.

Not crochet inclined? More here.

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