2020 retrospective – January

From the crochet point of view this has been a productive but complicated and exhausting year! I thought it would be good to look back at the positives that are #crochet2020

As in previous years I began a new temperature blanket. The winter blankets are usually calm an very coordinated. It’s interesting to look back and compare with other years, a very visual reminder. This year, however, the daily square had competition. January saw the launching of #crochet6in366 – a square a day and 6 blankets completed. The option was given to follow along, and consequently a post, mostly weekly, has been published with instructions.

And the first one had two colour options!

That was in the hope of showing that a pattern will also work with a different choice of colours. There was also the start of another daily blanket –

but more about that another day.

A couple of cat blankets were finished, and the first memory squares were added to the 2020 tin. This has been added to throughout the year and will be turned out in January 2021 as the beginning of a new blanket.

If you are interested there is a non-crochet post here covering the same period.

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