December arrives – and #crochet6in366 continues.

The temperatures are dropping! The bonus is beautiful blue skies and clear views. We have ventured out into the local SSSI to enjoy the flora and fauna. It was so good to breathe fresh air and walk through crisp copper leaves. Lockdown ends … but the unknown that is Tier Two rears its head today.

Once again I’ll be taking refuge in crochet!

Strip 4 ends this week, the blanket is progressing. This series will soon end. I wonder what next year will bring?

  • December 2: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Sulphur/ 1 round Cream
  • December 3: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Krypton/ 1 round Cream
  • December 4: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Gallium/ 1 round Cream
  • December 5: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Titanium/ 1 round Cream
  • December 6: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Magnesium/ 1 round Cream
  • December 7: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Mercury/ 1 round Cream STRIP 4 ENDS
  • December 8: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Phosphorus/ 1 round Cream STRIP5 BEGINS

The next schedule will be posted next Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “December arrives – and #crochet6in366 continues.

    1. Thank you Linda. Most of the country is Tier two. There is a lot of annoyance as places with very low numbers (we are one of these) have been grouped into vast areas with restrictions. I don’t see how else they could have done it. I’m just determined to make the best of it regardless. Roll on 2021? Well, no doubt that will arrive with a new set of problems. Crochet is the answer! 😉. Thanks for commenting. Much appreciated.


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