Another week – another sequence. #crochet6in366

I’m pretty certain that there are only about two and a half people reading this post, and probably half of those aren’t reading to the end. It’s often worth reading all the way down. For instance, there was a little announcement in the last post – and nobody read it! Well, this time there is a question below with which you may be able to help, and an incentive at the bottom, so ….

Before we get to the sequence I have a request. Can anyone name this flower? I’ve had a few suggestions on Instagram but they don’t quite fit the bill. It’s very prolific and long-flowering whatever it is.

So, Wednesday in 2020 must mean the next sequence in #crochet6in366 The year is almost over so there won’t be many more of these. I won’t be repeating it next year.

  • November 18: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Bismuth/ 1 round Cream
  • November19: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Iron/ 1 round Cream
  • November 20: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Copper/ 1 round Cream
  • November 21: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Sulphur/ 1 round Cream END OF STRIP TWO
  • November 22: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Krypton/ 1 round Cream START OF STRIP THREE
  • November 23: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Galium/ 1 round Cream
  • November 24: 1 round Cream/ 5 rounds Titanium/ 1 round Cream

The next sequence will be posted in a week as usual. Strip 3 will be finished then. I would appreciate some feedback because this has actually been a mammoth task to organise a daily sequence that works. Read on for a useful link.

I have yet to make today’s square, if I remember I’ll add it here later today. (Added below)

Today’s square

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One thought on “Another week – another sequence. #crochet6in366

  1. Sorry don’t know the name of the flower, but would makes some nice colors for another Afghan! In your last square did you change the colors for each group of 4 stitches? Yes, a lot of work, but looks great!


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